Printplace Coupon Code 2013

Do you need to print something for your business or cause? If so, Printplace is definitely something that you need to check out. Printplace is an online print shop that makes it easy for you to print almost anything you need and have it shipped to you. Need some colorful brochures for your business? Could you use some business cards, calendars, booklets, door hangers, or postcards? Regardless of what you need printed Printplace can help you out.

Printplace Coupon Codes 2013:

  1. Save 5% off sitewide with coupon code PPSave5 at checkout.
  2. Save $15 off orders $150 or more with coupon code PPSave$15 at checkout.
  3. Check out full color booklet and catalog printing with instant pricing!
  4. Get full color brochures starting at $162.50 for 250 brochures!
  5. Get full color custom business cards starting at $15.50 for 250!
  6. Get 10% off door hangers with coupon code PPKnock10 at checkout. Offer ends 8/31/12.
  7. Get 10% off postcard orders with coupon code PPRUSHPC at checkout.

One of the great things about using Printplace is that they are very affordable. You can create a custom order size anywhere from lots as small as 250 all the way up to 50,000 or more. They allow you to select the individual options that you want for the print job, so that you can get a price that fits your needs. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the printing job that they provide. You will get top-notch printing quality for a more reasonable price than what you would expect from other print merchants.

If you like what Prinplace has to offer, you may want to check out one of their promo codes. With a promo code from Printplace, you’ll be able to save even more money on their already low prices for printing. With a promo code, you can get a certain percentage off of your total purchase. In some cases, the promo code will give you a specific dollar amount off of your purchase price. Sometimes, they’ll even throw in bonus products that you can get completely free.

If you need a quality print job done, Printplace is where you need to order from. They even have a free sample pack that you can order to see the quality of their printing jobs. Once you see their quality, you’ll be ready to place an order with a Printplace promo code.
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