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Twenty years ago phones were luxuries and minutes were expensive. There were short distance and long distance calls. All the important phone numbers, and the unimportant phone numbers, were stored in a Rolodex. Twenty years ago was a long time ago though, and since then the market has changed. No longer are minutes an issue, at least not with Verizon Wireless. Short and Long distance calls are virtually inseparable now. And, most phones have internet available that allows the user to look up phone numbers in a matter of minutes. While many companies offer these services, none do it as well as Verizon Wireless does.

Verizon Wireless offers a wide range of services and technologies. Currently Verizon offers 2g, 3g, and 4g services. 2g covers basic calls and text messages. This is a very simple phone service plan, and works very well for a lot of people. Those that do bot feel like they need a lot of fancy gadgets and gizmos would probably be completely satisfied using a 2g network. Best of all, Verizon Wireless offers many great deals on phones that use 2g networks.

3g allows for phones to access the internet and is becoming something of a necessity in the modern working world. The ability to access the internet at any time is a luxury that has almost turned into a necessity. Whether it is for pure curiosity sake, or for business it is becoming more and more popular.

4g is a network that is faster then 3g. This may not seem that important, but it is most likely the network of the future. Getting a phone that can run on it now means that there will be no need to upgrade shortly in the future. In addition, Verizon Wireless offers internet service for laptops that runs off of 4g.

Ordinarily a lot of the products from Verizon Wireless could be somewhat expensive because of the technology involved with it. But, with promo codes and coupons the devices become extremely affordable. In fact, they are deals that are probably too good to pass up and anyone that does will regret it.

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